KII Blockchain

The KII Blockchain

About KII

KII Blockchain is a remittance and payment settlement network for Latin America that integrates into existing payment infrastructure lowering the high costs and barriers of transactions in the economy.
KII delivers instantaneous transactions, the lowest network fees and is designed for real world use in emerging economies in order to improve wealth disparities. It is a decentralized proof-of-work (PoW - X11 algorithm) coin with a finite amount issued.
The KII network has evolved into a new proprietary blockchain with decentralized mobile wallets and centralized exchange designed for payment settlement integrations.
The idea came together when Danyel Arenas' former company, a multinational in Latin America, experienced a lack of affordable options managing client payments and movement of internal funds between countries. After extensively researching the remittance industry in Latin America, no providers offered same day, cash in/cash out transactions utilizing the blockchain.
Understanding the high costs of international and local payments within the region and the necessity of a faster and more low-cost solution, Danyel and Julio Castro, a blockchain engineer, developed the idea into KII Blockchain. The vision is to develop a safe, securer, and faster payment ecosystem that saves the user more and increases accessibility to the people who need it most.
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